Sunday, April 8, 2012

But if you never try, you'll never know, just what you're worth.

I'm sitting here in a near-dark apartment contemplating a whole heck of a lot. My car's broken down, my dad's truck won't start, I'm scraping by in a whole lot of ways and it's just really overwhelming. I'm listening to Coldplay's "Fix You" because a very dear friend mentioned it on Twitter and I remembered just how much I like this song.

This song has always spoke to me. For a little while a few summers ago, I thought of it as my anthem. I thought, "You know what, kid? You're going to get through this. I'm going to fix you." I was, of course, pep talking myself, but the point is, I think this song is really powerful.

I probably always will.

Tomorrow is a new chance to try and make a better go of everything, to take care of whatever it is I can to improve the situation I'm in. Tomorrow is a chance to do everything differently. It's okay to put today to rest and start fresh in the morning. It's okay.

I think we forget that often. I think people forget that it's okay to let go of things that don't help you in your quest for happiness. I think we forget what real happiness is. I think we forget a lot of the important things in lieu of focusing on the things that don't matter.

So, here's what I'm trying to say. Tomorrow, I want you to wake up, plant your feet firmly on the ground and know that it is a new day in which you can do anything. Tomorrow I want you to do at least one thing that makes you happy.

I'm going to do the same.
And maybe we'll be lucky.
Maybe this will fix us.
Maybe we'll realize we aren't so broken afterall.

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